Non-Surgical Face Lift for Men

Non-Surgical Face Lift

If you have excess or sagging tissue around the brow and upper eyelid that makes you look tired or sad, a forehead lift can make your eyes appear larger and more open. If you have frown wrinkles between your eyes, an eyebrow deformity or wish your brows had more of an arch or a different shape all of this can be accomplished with a forehead lift. A brow lift will lift your forehead and eyebrows upward and reposition them based on your desired results.
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Procedure & Results

An Endoscopic Brow Lift is a “minimal incision” type of brow lift procedure that lifts any sagging skin and reduces wrinkles. Dr. Kelly Sullivan will begin your Endoscopic brow lift surgery by using three to five small incisions that are made in the hairline and small telescopes and instruments are inserted under the skin. The entire procedure is viewed on a monitor and the muscles are released. The wrinkles are reduced and the brow is elevated. Forehead lift surgery area is done on an outpatient basis with general anesthesia. Because safety is our first concern, Dr. Kelly Sullivan always works with board-certified anesthesiologists to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible. An endoscopic brow lift takes between 1-2 hours. Following your endoscopic brow lift surgery, you may recover in a medically supervised setting or in the comfort of your own home. cars generally heal very well and are hidden by your hair. The benefits of a brow lift surgery include: – Brows were better positioned on your face – Create a more symmetrical and natural look. – Appear fresher and more energetic. Dr. Kelly Sullivan offers a variety of procedures, including a forehead (brow) lift procedure. Dr. Sullivan is able to achieve a natural, youthful brow appearance in any patient.

Insurance Guidelines

A Brow lift is considered a cosmetic procedure; therefore not covered by insurance.

Recovery & Aftercare

Your Brow Lift surgeon Dr. Kelly Sullivan will give you written instructions for how to care for yourself after a Forehead Lift surgery. There’ll be such things: – Wear a headband for the first week after surgery. – 2-3 days following the operation, you will have some swelling, and your forehead will feel tight. – Your eyelids may be bruised, but this can usually be covered with concealer – Minimal bruising with an endoscopic forehead lift – You may experience a mild headache for the first couple of days after the surgery, for which you will receive a prescription – If you have a drain, it will be removed the day after surgery. After one week your stitches will be removed and you can return to work. Your brows will be lifted slightly higher than you wish them to be in their final position. This is because they will drop somewhat as the tissues relax during the first few weeks after surgery. There’ll be some follow-up appointments with Dr. Kelly Sullivan, to monitor your Brow Lift surgery recovery, so be sure and keep them. With careful self-care and compliance most people have a complete Brow Lift surgery recovery and a happy outcome.