Mommy Makeover

March 28, 2023 | Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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The “Mommy-Makeover”: One Size Does Not Fit All

The term “mommy-makeover” has become a standard phrase to describe surgery for women who want to reclaim their youthful breasts and body after having kids. In one surgery, both the breasts and abdomen can be treated to lift and contour a patient’s figure. There are a variety of techniques we use to customize a mommy-makeover to meet the needs and desires of our patients. Let’s break these choices down step by step:

Breast Surgery Options

Breast Augmentation

After having children and breast feeding, the glandular tissue of the breast involutes, or “deflates”, causing the breasts to flatten. Some women who are a “C” or “D” cup before pregnancy will lose this volume and feel smaller than ever before. Smaller-breasted women will notice that their breast tissue feels less springy and youthful.

To correct this, an augmentation, usually with silicone gel implants, can be performed. The implant goes behind the breast tissue (and sometimes the pectoral muscle), making the breasts appear perky and full again. In your consultation we discuss details about implants, and have you try on various sizes to find the right fit for your body and style.

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Breast Lift

Not only do breasts tend to deflate after children, but they also tend to drop. Sometimes the nipple and areola increase in size and can even point downwards instead of forward. A breast lift is recommended to bring the breast tissue and nipple higher on the chest, restoring a perky breast appearance. The areola can also be made smaller.

We most commonly use a vertical pattern or “lolly-pop” incisions (around the areola and straight down) to do the lift. This pattern creates a more round, feminine breast compared to the traditional “anchor” incisions (which include an additional scar along the bottom of the breast). The lolly-pop scars tend to fade and hide nicely under the breast.

Breast Augmentation With a Lift

It is quite common for women to want both larger AND more perky breasts at their consult. This combination is an excellent choice and can be done in one surgery. At your consultation we discuss the options together and decide whether an augmentation, a lift, or both is the best choice for you.

Breast Augmentation with a Lift Before and After:

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Breast Reduction

On the other side of the spectrum, some women’s breasts to become larger after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many patients feel “too big” or “matronly” and desire a breast reduction. During the reduction, a lift is also done so that the nipples are pointing forward and not down. Areolas can also be reduced in this surgery. We most commonly use the same “lolly-pop” scars to do the breast reduction as we use in the lift.

Breast Reduction with Lift Before and After:

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Abdominal Surgery Options

Abdominoplasty (AKA. “Tummy-Tuck”)

Many women get back into fitness after having children, and work hard to lose the baby weight. They may spend years blaming themselves for not being able to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure despite working hard on diet and exercise.

Stubborn skin and fat excess can be removed with an abdominoplasty. The scar is designed below the bikini line and if there is a scar from c-section(s), it can be removed so there is only one line.

Usually, to get out all the extra skin and fat, the belly button has to be repositioned during the surgery. There is special artistry in making the new belly button look attractive, and we take pride in making this detail as important as the rest of the surgery. During your consult we discuss what type of tummy-tuck is best for you, and how you would like your belly-button to appear after the surgery.

Tummy Tuck with Diastasis Before and After:

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Diastasis Repair

Many women notice that after child bearing, they have a bulge in their belly that doesn’t go away even with exercise and weight loss. You may feel like you have to “suck in” your belly all the time or that your back feels sore or tired more easily. In this case, the rectus muscles, which normally run parallel and help you stand up straight and use your core, become bowed out to the side. A diastasis, or gap, between these muscles develops during pregnancy, and sometimes does not return to parallel after a baby is delivered.

To fix this, we perform a repair of the diastasis, bringing the muscles back to the center using “internal corset” sutures. This is done during the tummy-tuck for patients who need it. Doing this repair can correct the bulge, help strengthen your core, and improve back pain if your back is over-compensating for the abdominal weakness.

Tummy Tuck with Diastasis Repair Before and After:

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Liposuction can be performed with a tummy-tuck or instead, depending on how much extra skin a patient has. Some women develop fullness in their mons area (the triangle above the vagina) that can be flattened with liposuction during the surgery. Liposuction can also be used to treat fullness in the underarms or “bra roll”.

Our all-female team is dedicated to helping women feel more confident about their bodies and selves. Come in for a consult and we can help tailor the “mommy-makeover” that best fits your goals and desires.