Metacell Renewel B3

March 30, 2023 | Skin Care
Metacell skin cream

Clarify Tone, Retighten Surface,

And Renew Your Skin With Metacell Renewel B3

Symptoms and indications of photo aging show up at different intensities according to biology, lifestyle, geography, sun protection and skin care regimen. These signs have a multiplicative effect, creating prematurely aged appearance.

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Do You Have?

Rough, Dull Texture: Your skin appears to be lackluster with enlarged pores and with a rough appearance usually in the cheek and chin area

Dehydrated: Feeling dry? When your skin is dehydrated it loses its optimal hydration level required to maintain a moisturized bright look and feel.

Discoloration: Prominent sun spots that make your skin appear uneven.

Red Blotchiness: Red patches and diffuse surface appearing lackluster.

Fine Lines: Usually appear around the eyes and often accompanied by wrinkles on the forehead

Metacell Renewel B3 is a comprehensive daily emulsion to correct early symptoms of photo aging.

Metacell skin cream

Active Ingredients

5% Niacinamide

  • Stimulates epidermal cell turnover
  • Inhibits discoloration
  • Strengthens skin moisture barrier
  • Fortifies skins matrix
  • Decreases diffuse redness and blotchiness

2.5% Tightening Tri-Peptide

  • Highly –stable amino acid chain
  • Supports natural hyaluronic acid synthesis
  • Boosts hydration

15% Pure Glycerin

  • Formulated to deliver optimal hydration without feeling tacky

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