We Love Our Members! (And Our Members Love Their Skin!)

March 21, 2024 | Skin Care

Excellent skincare is the first big step to maintaining a fresh, youthful look. Unfortunately, between beauty magazines, targeted advertising on social media, and the skincare isle at CVS, we are OVERWHELMED on a daily basis with new products and treatment options. It doesn’t have to be so difficult!

We designed our Skincare Memberships to help simplify your regimen and get your skin on track with the best medical-grade treatments. Just like going to the gym to stay fit, having a skincare routine will help your skin get (or keep) that healthy glow.

Let us be your personal trainers…for your skin!

What Does It Mean to “Be a Member”?

Our members come in every 6-8 weeks for a skincare treatment – each treatment is tailored to what is going on with your skin at that time. For example, you may have issues with dry skin in the winter but notice pigment problems or rosacea in the warmer months. Your treatment is customized each time specifically for YOU – with NO downtime – you will walk out looking fresh.

Routine treatments help to remove the dead skin cells, improve skin thickness, and prevent pre-cancers from forming. The end result is a fresh look that will make you feel GREAT about yourself.

We also offer deeper peels as part of the Membership, and have a variety of options that target acne, pigment, fine lines, or a combination.

What About All These Expensive Products My Friend Had Me Buy Online?

We tell our Members on their first visit to bring in the products you are currently using. Even if they aren’t the Skinceuticals brand we use, they don’t necessarily have to go in the dumpster. We advise all our Members to be on a simple, effective home regimen…and we will coach you along!

What Are Other Exclusive Member Benefits?

Members receive deep discounts on all injectables (including Botox, Restylane, and other fillers), as well as on IPL/BBL/HALO laser packages, hair removal packages, microneedling, and ALL skincare products. Our skincare team can help answer questions about these treatments and products so you get the most effect for your set budget.

What Makes Sullivan Surgery and Spa Better Than Other Medical Spas in the Area?

Of course I am biased, but it is our TEAM of dedicated skincare professionals that makes the difference. Dr. Sullivan and I work closely with our nurses and aestheticians to give our patients great results and a comfortable experience every time. We treat our Members like family and take pride in preserving your natural beauty. We want you to look like the best version of YOU!

Questions about Membership? Call 410.571.1280 for more information.