Summer Skin Rehab

September 16, 2023 | Skin Care

Has fun in the sun taken its toll on your skin? ‘Tis the season to repair damage from sun exposure and rebalance hydration. As sunburns heal and tans fade, the damage to your skin remains. Over time, sun damage shows on the surface of your skin as brown spots (hyperpigmentation, freckles), redness (broken capillaries), and deepening fine lines.

Sun exposure also takes its toll below the skin’s surface. Repeated sun exposure on unprotected skin damages and alters collagen production and elastin loses its “spring”. Simply put, your skin loses the ability to repair itself, resulting in thin, wrinkled and sagging skin. If this sounds like your skin, you need summer skin rehab!

If your concerns are dark spots or dullness along with loss of collagen and elasticity, an advanced chemical peel is an excellent way to begin skin rejuvenation. Read more here about our different chemical peel options!

Are you ready for skin rehab? Call us to schedule a complimentary skin care consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you 410-571-1280. We will have your skin glowing for the holidays.

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