Spring Into Perfect Skin

March 2, 2023 | Colorescience

Nothing says spring then fresh clean, bright skin with a rosey cheek and a natural glow. It’s time to welcome warmer weather by spring-cleaning your skin care routine! Follow are steps for the perfect spring clean up.

Remove Signs of Winter Skin

Exfoliation is key in removing all the dead skin that’s built up during the winter month. Our Micro-Peel Treatment instantly refreshes, refines, and brightens skin with dermaplaning followed by a light chemical peel and a hydrating masque. This treatment does not require any downtime and is appropriate for any skin type.


Properly hydrated skin is the foundation of healthy skin. When skin is hydrated, it looks better and imperfections are less apparent. Skin is the protective barrier for our body to keep moisture in and environmental stressors out. When we have dry skin it causes gaps in the layers and can allow allergens in, which results in skin losing moisture faster and becoming dehydrated.

Try Skin Ceuticals NEW TRIPLE LIPID RESTORE: Anti-Aging treatment to refill cellular lipids and nourish skin. Perfect for restoring skin’s external barrier and nourishing skin to improve signs of aging!

Get a Golden Glow

Say goodbye to dangerous tanning beds and get a golden glow with an Airbrush Tan. When skin has a healthy color to it, your complexion comes alive, imperfections are less noticeable and you just look and feel better. For an at home tan try Norvell Self-Tanning Crème or Mousse. Both self-tanners go on easily, don’t streak and give you a natural, “just off the beach” tan. We promise you will not look orange!

Brighten up Your Color Palette

Once you’ve gotten your skin in tip-top shape, the last step is to add in some color that’s appropriate for the season. Dark, rich hues are more complementary in the winter months and can be overpowering come spring. Soften your makeup by adding in more soft pink and peach colors. Try Colorescience Morning Glow for a soft pink color and slight glow.